If you can't find the answer to the question you have, please send us an email to: mailto:info@gelsafe.com.au.

Answers to some technical WHS issues can also be found by contacting: SafeWork NSW.

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Q. How does GELSafe work?

It's simple. Send an email to us requesting login details to: info@gelsafe.com.au.

We send an email that asks you to review and accept the terms and conditions of use. Once accepted, login details and a user's guide are sent to you and you're ready to go.

The WHS program is run over 14 weeks (the course is 14 weeks but you can complete it at your own pace). Each week an email is sent to you with instructions to undertake a WHS task. You record the results by logging in to GELSafe. Complete the task when you're ready.

When a task is completed, GELSafe recognises if a follow-up is required and reminds you at the appropriate time by sending you an email notification.

GELSafe allows you to have multiple locations and multiple accounts. if you are the group administrator you can view and track progress of each location in your group.

GELSafe ensures you always know when a task is due. GELSafe help sets up and assists management of Work Health and Safety (WHS), and is completely automated.

GELSafe WHS tools

The following tools can be accessed and filled in online by the user to manage their WHS obligations:

  • Contractor management tool
  • First aid register
  • Workplace inspection tool
  • Staff induction tool
  • WHS training record and plans
  • Hazardous substances register
  • Risk assessment/hazard report/task
  • Incident and injury report
  • WHS consultation tool
  • WHS documentation and records
  • Self audit tool
Q. Who has access to the information input into GELSafe?

Your information will remain confidential and private. 

Guild Insurance will be able to access information you input into GELSafe and will be notified when a new incident notification has been created.  

This information will not impact your Guild Insurance policies or premiums. 

Guild may on occasions use this information to assist you to better manage difficult WHS situations and claims. 

You will still need to notify Guild Insurance through the formal process on an injury that is likely to lead to a workers compensation claim.

Q. What do I get with GELSafe?

A web based WHS management system that is easy to use - you can login and complete tasks at any time. You can also create different profiles for your staff members to allow the system to generate personal reminders and alerts.

Documents provided with the system include:

  • WHS Generic Policy and Procedures tailored for the child care industry that can be adapted for your workplace;
  • Pre-programmed email task reminders tell you what to do, how to do it and when to action events by use of our easy to use dynamic online forms;
  • Simple forms - Filled in online and saved to a central repository;
  • All of your workplace's WHS tasks and documents at the click of a mouse; and
  • Support from the GELSafe team
Q. Is there any connection between GELSafe and the Education and Care Services National Law and Regulations?
GELSafe has been specifically designed to assist you to comply with your WH&S obligations as an employer and therefore differs from the Education and Care Services National Law and National Regulations. However, you may find common ground between the requirements and expectations of both. 

Whilst GELSafe isn't designed for auditing or other compliance processes attached to the National Law and National Regulations, you may find that some of what you input into GELSafe provides assistance during these processes. 
Q. Does GELSafe guarantee compliance with WHS legislation?

No System can assure compliance that is up to you but GELSafe places all of the tools and documents at your fingertips to make it easier for you to meet your compliance requirements. The system provides you with the tools to effectively manage WHS but you are in control of the use of the system and completion of tasks to help protect your workplace from risks arising from work.

GELSafe has been designed to the Australian Standard 4801 ( Health and Safety Management Systems ) .

If you have WHS specific questions, please contact info@gelsafe.com.au.

Q. How do I upload documents to GELSafe?

Any documents that exist on your computer can be uploaded onto GELSafe. For example WHS policy and procedures, WHS committee meeting minutes/agendas, notices, correspondence, training records and electronic invoices.

To upload documents:

  • Log into GELSafe
  • Go to the "My Member" area
  • Click "My WHS Documents".
  • Click "Add record"
  • Click "Save"

Why upload documents?

You have all your WHS records and documents in the same place and you can access them at the click of a mouse.

What if I get stuck?

Email us at: info@gelsafe.com.au.

Q. How do we improve WHS - the Activity Scoring system

A strong commitment and implementation of WHS in the workplace is very important.

You will note that you have a 'My WHS history' page in your Member Area of GELSafe.

This page gives you a unique Activity Score which shows how well your workplace has committed to and implemented WHS.

Higher the activity score the better you are in performing, being active in work health and safety.

The 14 week program will contain the information and support you need to undertake and complete vital WHS tasks to build and improve on your WHS management system.

Q. What are our terms of use?

Our terms of use, privacy and disclaimer policies can be viewed on our Terms of Use page.