Welcome to GELSafe

GELSafe is a benefit provided exclusively to Guild Early Learning (GEL) policy holders to help minimise the risk of workplace injury and illness, and to support the mandatory task of actively managing Work Health and Safety (WHS). GELSafe is a web based WHS Management system, tailored for the Early Childhood Education and Care sector. Not only is it tailored for the sector, it has been adapted to create a location-specific WHS Management system in line with NSW WHS legislation.

GELSafe can be used to complement an existing WHS program, or for centres that may not have a formalised approach,  GELSafe provides an adaptation program delivered through a series of modules to assist you in building a comprehensive WHS program. Once your WHS program has been established, GELSafe will provide you with reminders to support you in maintaining the program

GELSafe provides an opportunity for Early Childhood Education and Care services to lead the way in managing WHS requirements and in making their workplaces safe.

Guild Early Learning Limited and GELSafe - working together to protect you and your staff.